About me

First and foremost let me thank you for taking the time to explore my website, I truly hope that my work has brought a smile to your face. My name is Jakub and I'm a Poland based photographer with a strong inclination towards portraiture. I feel that taking photos of people - both my friends and strangers - is a way of celebrating their beauty. It's fantastic how a good portrait can show not only someone's appearance, but bits and pieces of their character as well.

My 100 Strangers project inspired me to launch something new - 100 Vegans, which then evolved to The Vegan Project. As a vegan myself, I strongly believe that this way of life should be promoted in any possible way.

This combined with traveling far and wide is what really makes me tick. Oh, and cats. Don't forget cats.

Please contact me, if you have any questions. I'm always open to a friendly chat :)


  • Portrait & lifestyle photography
  • Very natural style
  • TFP photo shoots
  • The Vegan Project


Location: Wrocław, Poland

Email Address: jakub@jakubostrowski.com

facebook: JakubOstrowskiPhotography

instagram: jakubostrowski

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